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Eddy Emergency Plumbing and Electric, we are committed to delivering top-notch quality and exceptional craftsmanship. Our dedicated team of professionals excels in various construction specialties, ensuring that every aspect of your project is handled with precision and care.

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With a focus on effective communication, we will keep you informed at every step of the process. Our skilled team members will reach out to you to discuss your specific construction needs and provide the highest quality services tailored to your requirements. You can trust us to deliver professional and reliable support throughout your project.


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Teamwork is the cornerstone of our success, extending beyond individual skills. We value trust, open communication, shared goals, collaboration, empathy, and adaptability as essential components of a winning team. By embodying these principles, we strive to exceed your expectations and ensure your utmost satisfaction.


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We understand that your time is valuable, and reliability is paramount when inviting service providers into your home. At Eddy General Contractor, we are dedicated to being a trustworthy and dependable choice for your professional handyman needs. Eddy General Contractor Inc

" We Have Commited To Perfect Work For Get Perfect Handyman Services "

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Eddy Emergency Plumbing and Electric has equipped us with the expertise needed to deliver unmatched quality and customer satisfaction. We take pride in the positive feedback we have received from our clients, and we appreciate your support in spreading the word about our services. If you have been a past customer, we kindly request that you take a moment to leave a review.

Have 11+ skilled Professionals

With a team of over 11+ skilled professionals, we guarantee swift and efficient handyman services on every occasion.

15 Years Experience Business

Our 15 years of experience in the industry, Our client-focused process is designed to ensure that we fully understand your goals, timeline, and budget for each project. By prioritizing clear communication, we aim to provide you with the desired end result while eliminating any unwanted surprises.

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Thank you for considering Eddy General Contractor for your home maintenance and renovation needs. We look forward to working with you and providing an outstanding experience from start to finish.

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Eddy General Contractor offers comprehensive home improvement services, catering to a wide range of needs, from regular updates to custom renovations and installations. Our team of knowledgeable consultants and skilled craftsmen is fully equipped to advise you and handle all your home-related requirements. We offer a range of services such as bathroom remodeling, kitchen upgrades, tailor-made shelving and built-in solutions, door fitting, professional home cleaning, masonry work, plumbing services, and appliance repair.
For smaller projects that can be completed within a few days, we can typically schedule the work over the phone. Our client services consultants will provide you with an estimated timeframe and budget based on an hourly rate. In cases where more extensive work is necessary, and a home visit by one of our remodeling consultants is appropriate, consultations generally last between one to two hours, depending on the complexity of the project.
We are pleased to offer a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your requirements. During this consultation, we will provide you with a budget range to give you an idea of the expected costs.
For our valued customers who have relied on Remodeling for their home improvement and repair needs, we assure you that you will receive the same exceptional service and craftsmanship from Eddy General Contractor. Many of the team members you have come to trust are still an integral part of our company. As always, we prioritize the safety and security of our clients, which is why each of our craftsmen undergoes rigorous drug testing and background checks. As we continue to expand, we are dedicated to adding exceptional individuals to our outstanding team.

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Eddy Emergency Plumbing and Electric have dedicated themselves to effective communication, ensuring a thorough comprehension of your objectives, project timeline, and financial constraints. By doing so, we guarantee your satisfaction with the final outcome, leaving no room for unexpected or unwelcome surprises.